Whether you are a fan of nudity and you regularly go to nude beaches or you just want to experience something different for the first time, going to a nude beach is really exciting.  Clothing-optional beaches give you the freedom to wear or nor swimsuit, so the joice is yours. Listed below are the top 10 nude beaches in the US, where you can go sunbathing naked without anyone disturbing you.

#1 San Gregorio

San Mateo County, California

San Gregorio is a small town with less than 300 residents. So don’t shy away from the country’s oldest nude beach if only to see its natural beauty. Members of the LGBT community come here and they tend to stay at the northern part of the beach while those who identify as straight stay on the southern side. No matter where you go, you can always appreciate the sunset here.



#2 Lighthouse Beach

Islip, New York

Check out Long Island’s best topless beach. While you cannot go entirely nude here, you can still enjoy being topless along with New Yorkers who come here to escape the Big Apple’s heat and, apparently, clothing. However, you must be careful not to wander near the lighthouse. There will be tourists there and they will not want to see you naked from the waist up. Besides, it is not clothing optional in that area of the Fire Island National Seashore.



#3 Gunnison Beach

Middletown, New Jersey

Visit New Jersey, then head out to Middletown and check out the nude sunbathers on Gunnison Beach. Beachgoers here can give the Jersey Shore cast a run for their money. It seems like the perfect place to cast your modesty — and clothes — aside!



#4 Collins Beach

Sauvie Island, Oregon

While most nude beaches are coastal, Collins Beach is along the Columbia River. Visitors to this clothing-optional beach are anything but shy, as more than three out of four people here opt to go fully nude. Sauvie Island and the beach itself is a popular destination for the locals. And it is the best place to get your tan without the tan lines!



#5 Baker Beach

San Francisco, California

If you are a tourist at heart and you are visiting San Francisco, go to Baker Beach. It might offer you a way to see the Golden Gate Bridge in a new way: while sunbathing in the nude.


#6 Kehena Beach

Big Island, Hawaii

Looking for a beach where you could get naked and still have some privacy? Then check out Kehena Beach. It is out of the way as far as the usual tourist traps go and it takes quite a hike to get there. So you can sunbathe and swim in the buff without having to worry about peeping toms.



#7 Black’s Beach

San Diego, California

Cliff walls make this particular stretch of nude beach very secluded and private. You would need to go down steep paths to get to the beach, practically ensuring you get to sunbathe without worrying about tan lines or prying eyes. But the greatest thing about Black’s Beach is that you can swim, sunbathe and even surf nude.



#8 Little Beach

Maui, Hawaii

Little Beach gives you several reasons to put on the sunblock and get into the sun. From surfing, swimming, nude sunbathing, whale watching and body surfing, there are a lot of activities to choose from when you come here. Clothing is optional and there are a lot of naturists to keep you company if you ever decide to shed off your bathing suit.



#9 Haulover Beach

Miami, Florida

For the most part, Haulover Beach gives you the chance to get that perfect tan on really white sands. And you can admire the azure waters and the warm weather no matter what time of the year you go. This is a clothing-optional beach, but it can be very private. But really, who cares about what other people think as long as you enjoy the beautiful waters and savor the sunshine? It is not any wonder why most people think that this is the best nudist beach in the United States. What’s more? Bal Harbour and its array of luxury shops are quite nearby, so you can go shopping to show off your new tan!



#10 Lands End Beach

San Francisco, California

Lands End is one of the most beautiful beaches in the US to go nude. It’s usually not too crowded, but we recommend you to go there early and reserve a spot. You can also go sunbathing on the rocks and admire the great views.



So pack your backs, get some sun cream and check out these beautiful nude beaches where you can walk, sunbathe and swim as freely as you want!


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