A cup of strong aromatic espresso coffee is essential for every morning and there is nothing more disappointing than coffee that tastes bad. (The heavy coffee drinkers know what we’re talking about). That’s why we selected the top 10 places in Pittsburgh where you can have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy your morning.

Here are Pittsburgh’s Top 10 Coffee Shops Worth Checking Out:

#1 Big Dog Coffee

#2 Constellation Coffee

#3 The Commonplace Coffee Co.

#4 Beehive Coffeehouse

#5 Espresso A Mano

#6 Lili Coffee Shop

#7 Prestogeorge Coffee & Tea

#8 La Prima Espresso Co.

#9 Tazza D’Oro

#10 Biddle’s Escape

Not happy with our picks? Share with us in the comments below where you can drink the best cup of coffee in Pittsburgh!


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