Going on a road trip is one of the most exciting things that you can do to. In fact, going on a road trip with friends and family every once in a while will help you recharge and gain new experiences.

What are the things you should remember in order to have the perfect road trip? Here are 7 tips for going on a road trip in the United States:

1. Driving in the United States

You do not need an international driver’s license to drive a car in the United States and you can easily rent a car by showing your driver’s license no matter where it was issued. But it might help to leave the driving to a professional. For one, it is a guarantee that you will not get lost. It would also help you with the traffic laws, which actually differ from state to state. Yes, traffic laws can be a little confusing.



2. Avoid the blue highways

One of the thrills of interstate travel is that you get to see places that you might not be able to see back home. This is why traveling using the back roads are suggested. But there are several places that you should avoid so that you do not waste time. These are called the blue highways, where there are no attractions to be seen. Check out your maps to see which backroads are the most interesting.



3. Prepare for the delays

Do not make a plan that takes up every minute of your vacation. Delays are a part of life and that is true even when you are on a road trip. There will be road repairs and traffic jams that you would encounter, so do not overschedule. This will also help you save money as you no longer have to cancel a hotel reservation because you’re stuck in another city, or you no longer have to buy a ticket for a show that you may end up not being able to see because of unforeseen delays. It would be better to take each day as it goes. Pull over and get a hotel room when you get tired, then drive off the next day feeling renewed and refreshed.



You might also want to plan out your traveling so that you avoid choke points. For example, avoid certain busy intersections during rush hour and plan it so that you are in these intersections at 10 am instead.

4. Know your companions and what they are good at, then delegate

There are people who are simply good with directions, while others are more of masters at planning meals while on the road. Different people have different skills sets, so be sure to divide the work and assign tasks to people who are the most qualified to do them. You do not have to figure out how to read a map if your friend can help you with it!



5. Load up on phone cards

You can use your trusty mobile phone while on the road for most of the time. But do remember that there are areas where cellular coverage is spotty or even non-existent. When you get to that point where you cannot get a decent smartphone signal, you can always rely on a phone card or perhaps call using your credit card.



6. Pay your parking tickets and have all your documents with you

The last thing you want to do is to spend your vacation in the slammer. If you get pulled over, be sure that you have your license, registration and even your car insurance. It also helps to have a clean record, so make sure that parking tickets are paid to avoid getting your car impounded.



7. Don’t be afraid of motel rooms

Thanks to the TV shows and the movies, many people think that motel rooms in the United States are dirty, dingy and destitute. You should not think that only drug addicts, prostitutes and perverts rent motel rooms and that you would certainly find syringes and dead bodies in one. The truth is, most national motel chains offer pretty decent accommodations. That means clean rooms and even some great amenities.



Keep these in mind when you are planning a road trip and have a great time on the road!


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