While the student-loan debt in America continues to grow with $2,726 every second and tuition fees keep surging, getting a proper education is becoming a hard task for most families. But outside the U.S. things look differently. Many universities in Europe offer tuition free degrees for their citizens and even for international students. Norway and Germany are just two of the 5 European countries where you can study for free or at very low fees, and you don’t even have to speak Finnish or German, because all of them offer programs and courses in English. 

If you’re interested where in Europe you can study free of charge, here are 5 countries. Just remember that you need to cover all other expenses (accommodation, transport, food, etc.) by yourself.

1. Germany

All public universities in Germany are tuition-free and offer about 900 degrees in English, with plenty of courses to choose from.

Average living costs: 500-800 EUR

2. Norway

All students, including international, can study Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. programmes in state universities in Norway without paying tuition fees. Yet, the cost of living in the country is one of the highest in the world.

Average living costs: 1,000 EUR

3. Sweden

Sweden also offers opportunities to study free of charge, but only for Ph.D programs. Candidates for Bachelor and Masters degrees who are not citizens of an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland will have to pay between $9,400-16,500 annual fees if they want to study in the Scandinavian country.

Average living costs:  700 – 900 EUR

4. France

Public universities in France charge small tuition fees (200 EUR), depending on the programs (Bachelor, Master or Ph.D.), but they’re just a fraction compared to other countries. Private universities are more expensive.

Average living costs: 650 – 1,200 EUR (depending on the city)

5. Finland

Currently Finland finances the education of all students, including foreigners, but as of 2017 this will change for non-EU/EEA students that want to study Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in English. Yet, the tuition fees will be much lower than the average in America. Programs in Finnish language and Ph.D. will remain free.

Average living costs: 700 – 900 EUR


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