Just this February 2016, the Murder House from American Horror Story became, quite briefly, available on AirBnB. The house that became the location for several haunted house-themed films and TV series such as The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, and Dexter was listed for rent at $1,450 a night. If that is something right up your alley, do not fret. There are still several other hotels and accommodations that can be classified as weird, unique, or scary. Here are 10 weird and wonderful hotels to stay at:

1. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Key Largo, Florida

Jules’ Undersea Lodge allows you to sleep with the fishes. Literally. This Key Largo, Florida hotel has two rooms that are underwater and that you can access by scuba diving. If that might make you antsy, then you should know that the hotel has a perfect safety record. For $500 a night, you can check out what happens under the sea while you’re drifting off to sleep.




2. Dog Bark Park Inn

Cottonwood, Idaho

What makes this hotel so weird is the fact that it is shaped like a giant nine-meter high dog. Each of the rooms has dog-related themes, including dog-shaped cookies and carved dogs. This place is just perfect for – well, you guessed it – dog lovers. Or perhaps if you have ever wanted to sleep inside the Trojan horse, this is probably the closest you could get, a Trojan dog. Single occupancy is available at $86 a night.




3. East Brother Lighthouse

Point Richmond, California

Check out the East Brother Lighthouse, a beautifully restored Victorian light station that is now being used as a bed and breakfast and restaurant. The lighthouse was active for almost 150 years before it was converted into an inn more than three decades ago. Not only you will be able to say that you slept in a lighthouse, but you will also have amazing views of San Francisco, the Marin coastline, and Mount Tamalpais. On top of that, you will also help in the preservation and upkeep of this lighthouse.




4. El Cosmico

Marfa, Texas

El Cosmico covers 21 acres of land and is a nomadic hotel and campground. It features a variety of accommodations, including vintage trailers, scout tents, safari tents, a Mongolian yurt, and even teepees. For the budget conscious, there are campsites and a hammock grove. They also have a community lounge, a market, and an outdoor stage. So if you can’t decide what you want, just visit the site and take your pick.




5. McMenamins Kennedy School

Portland, Oregon

Do not let the name fool you. This unique hotel, located in Portland, used to be a school but it also has served as a pub. If you grew up sleeping in class, then you’ve found the right place to stay at, because at this school sleeping is very much encouraged. The hotel owners did not change the layout much. The hotel now uses the old auditorium as a movie theater while the cafeteria is a restaurant. Detention is a bar where you can get the best local brews. Staying a night at this hotel can set you back at least $115.




6. Red Caboose Getaway

Sequim, Washington

The Red Caboose Getaway allows you to stay inside a real train car that has been fitted with the best amenities such as whirlpool tubs, LCD TV, DVD player, feather beds, and other amenities. Train cars are arranged in a circular pattern and feature a duck pond at the center. Book the Orient Express, the Lavender Limited, the Western, and Circus for less than $200 a night, while the Casey Jones is their cheapest at $175.




7. The Queen Mary

Long Beach, California

Looking for a cruise ship experience without leaving the shore? Then head to Long Beach, California and climb aboard the Queen Mary. It’s a floating hotel that is housed inside a decommissioned luxury liner from the 1930s. This is the closest to a Titanic experience that you can get. The Queen Mary was also used to transport military personnel during the Second World War, and Winston Churchill was said to have boarded the ship during that time. Today, the Queen Mary is a museum, a restaurant, and hotel.


If the cruise ship experience is not enough for you, then how about supernatural sightings? The Queen Mary is said to be very much haunted and guests have reported a dancing lady, a little girl and other otherworldly apparitions onboard. Rooms at the Queen Mary total more than 300 and go for around $100 a night.



8. The Liberty Hotel

Boston, Massachusetts

When you first hear its name, there is nothing unusual about the Liberty Hotel. But if you learn that it is housed inside the former Charles Street Jail, that’s when you appreciate the irony of it all. The jail used to host inmates James Curley and Malcolm X. The wordplay is not just limited to the hotel’s name. For instance, they have a restaurant named Clink and a cocktail bar named Alibi. Another case for irony? How about living the luxurious life in a jail? Yes, the Liberty Hotel is a luxury hotel with close to 300 guest rooms starting at around $300 a night.




9. Turpentine Creek

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs is a wildlife refuge and animal rescue center that also welcomes humans to spend the night. You can stay here for at least $150 per night and learn more about the big cats that they rescue and the cats’ habitats. You can also join the feeding time or take in some formal educational sessions. The rooms have a safari theme, and you can choose from two suites, five lodges, and a treehouse bungalow.




10. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

Parthenon, Arkansas

Beckham Creek Cave brings to mind two well-loved cartoon characters: Batman and the Flintstones. The hotel makes use of cave bedrooms, with rock walls, cavernous ceilings and even a natural waterfall. Don’t worry, the rooms are well-appointed and have the amenities that you could expect from a starred hotel. The hotel is located in Parthenon, Arkansas, and rooms are priced at $400 a night.



Make it a point to visit these hotels or maybe plan your vacations around them. These quirky accommodations could add something fun and memorable to your trip!


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