Seattle may not be famous for its pizza like New York or Chicago, but the local restaurants and pizzerias do know how to make good pizza – be it Neapolitan, deep dish Chicago-style, Sicilian or New York’s favorite thin crust pizza. The city has so many great places where you can grab a delicious pizza with creative toppings, baked in a wood-fire oven that you may get confused which one to try first.

Well, life doesn’t have to be this hard and that’s why we decided to put a list with 10 essential pizza places in Seattle that would definitely satisfy your every craving! Enjoy!

Serious Pie

Big Mario’s Pizza

Flying Squirrel Pizza Co

Alibi Room

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The Independent Pizzeria

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Proletariat Pizza

The Masonry

Veraci Pizza

Pizzeria Pulcinella

Not happy with our selection? Share in the comments below which is your favorite pizza place in Seattle!


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